What Makes a Good Bartender?


A very good bartender will always prepare amazing cocktails no matter if he has all the necessary ingredients or not. There is no doubt that he must be professional, but what does this actually involve? In case you are wondering what makes a good bartender, you will find the answer to your question in the following.


First of all, he needs to have an excellent knowledge of drinks in general. Mixology skills are essential if you really want to be a great bartender. Bartenders must know how to prepare not only the most common drinks but also the ones that are more sophisticated. If you want to start a career in this field then you should not hesitate and consult reference books as needed in order to become professional in preparing drinks that you are not familiar with. This will surely help you gain experience. A good bartender will also have good customer service skills. The very nature of this type of job is to actually serve clients, and pay largely definitely depends on tips. A very good bartender has a great personality, it is very chatty and funny at the same time, and most important extremely respectful.


If you want to be a professional in this field then you will also need to maintain cleanliness. Make sure the bar and the dishes are kept in top form. When working with beverages and food, it is essential to keep things clean and sanitary. This will actually be your visit card. Furthermore, a good bartender will always be prepared for anything. He will be prepared for busy nights and he will know what to do in order to not make the clients wait too much. He will also be very attentive and he will know exactly when customers need drink refills or when something in the bar must be restocked. The personality is as important as the other aspects. Keep in mind that successful bartenders have friendly personalities that easily and quickly connect with clients. If the customer feels like he has a friend in a bartender, then he will certainly come again and again at the bar and leave generous tips.


There are also some qualities that good bartenders have, such as a keen memory, high efficiency, and responsible acting. It is important to remember regular clients drinks and what new clients are currently drinking as well. A good memory is also necessary for remembering the dozens of drink recipes. Once you start preparing a drink you need to be quick and efficient and only a professional bartender can do that. When serving multiple clients, the speed is an essential quality to have. Other staff members actually depend on the bartender and that’s why he needs to act responsibly. If all the above qualities are met, then we can definitely say that the bartender is a professional. Otherwise, he will need to learn more and improve his skills. Even though many think that this job is easy, it is actually quite difficult and exhausting at the same time. However, there are some beautiful parts as well, not to mention the high number of people you will meet during your career.

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