5 Coolest Bars in America


We all like going out for a drink with our friends and if the location is lovely then a successful night is guaranteed. America is not only the land of endless possibilities but a place with some amazing pubs as well. If you plan a vacation in the USA in the near future, then we will recommend you in this article 5 coolest bars in America which you need to visit.


1. Old Lightning, Los Angeles

This is one of the most popular bars in LA, and you must definitely go here in case you are planning a trip to Los Angeles. The most amazing thing about this bar is that its menu has not more and not less than 1,500 different spirits, almost 100 cocktails, and very rare bottles of booze. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! At Old Lightning, you are not allowed with your phone. The only thing you can do here is to relax, enjoy a delicious drink, and spend quality time with your friends. There is no doubt that this place feels like a welcome escape from your average drinking experience.

2. Red Square, Las Vegas

You cannot love the spectacular and vibrant Las Vegas. If you want to experience something truly different in terms of bars and drinks then we recommend you to go to Red Square. If you are a vodka lover, then this bar is absolutely perfect for you. Red Square is home to a frozen lounge that boasts a wide selection of over 200 vodka varieties. You should not worry if you don’t bring your mink coat, because the staff from here will actually provide one for you to brave the very low temperatures. However, if you really want a truly crazy experience, then hire an escort and spend a memorable night at this bar. Don’t worry because escorts are legal in New York and you can find them in every neighborhood. We are sure that the escort will be an amazing company to you the entire night.

3. The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, New York

The spectacular New York has lots of lovely bars where you could spend unforgettable nights with your friends. For example, it has The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, which has won several awards including being named ”World’s Best Cocktail Bar”. If you love historical cocktails and you want to try them in a place with an amazing atmosphere, then this is the right location for you. The menu is a bit expensive but full of popular as well as forgotten classics.

4. The Office, New York

Also in New York, you will have the opportunity to try some of the finest and most delicious cocktails. The place where you can have such a great experience is The Office. As a recommendation, try the old liquors, which are often procured from estate sales. However, it is essential to have ”deep pockets” to fully enjoy this ”trend” because The Office is a quite expensive bar.

5. The Tunnel Bar, Northampton

If you go to Northampton, Massachusetts, then you will surely be highly impressed by The Tunnel Bar. This location was originally a tunnel passengers used to walk to awaiting trains, but it is at the moment the home to a long and subterranean bar where all clients can fully enjoy cocktails and beer without the need to purchase a train ticket.

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